Bolo Live app Review : Earn Money by Live Streaming | Referral.

Bolo Live is an Indian Live Streaming mobile app which help users to earn money by live streaming along with free video chat, group video call and games. You can show your talents whether it is a video music performance or vlog content in a new way! You can also watch free aarti, chalisa, mantra, kundli, panchang live, astro talk on Bolo Live app and other entertainment.

You can earn money working from home by turning your hobby of live streaming & broadcasting into a profitable business with Bolo Live app. You can also meet, interact and engage with new people & friends all around the world on Bolo Live app.

You earn money through gifts from your fans and followers which you can redeem for real cash on the Bolo Live app.

We will see in detail about how to earn money from Bolo Live app in this post. Before that, we will see for whom bolo live app is the best app to earn money working from home.

Table of Contents:

  1. For Whom Bolo Live app is the best app to earn money ?
  2. How to download Bolo Live app ?
  3. How to Earn Money from Bolo Live app ?
  4. How to Redeem beans from Bolo Live app ?

For Whom Bolo Live app is the best app to earn money ?

Bolo Live app is best app for Talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, celebrities, comedians, social media influencers, vloggers, motivational speakers, Content ( video ) creators, marketing and media persons, social media managers. etc. to earn some extra income.

How to download Bolo Live app ?

  • You can easily download Bolo Live app from Google play store.
    • Click on Bolo Live app download, Google Play store page will open with Bolo Live app window.
    • Install the Bolo Live app from that page.
    • After installing , open the app and sign in/ log in using your personal account details like Phone number / Email Id. During sign in, if asked about Bolo Live app promo code or Bolo Live app referral code, use this referral code – RzOrT9samsb
  • Once you complete the sign in process, go to the profile page and complete your profile details.
  • Now you can start live streaming and earn money.

How to Earn Money from Bolo Live app ?


Host Live stream

  • Bolo Live Creators can earn money by creating Live stream on various topics such as singing, comedy, entertainment, etc
  • When you host livestream on Bolo Live app, you can easily earn large amount of beans from viewers (Viewers gifts diamonds to creators during live stream and diamonds will be reflected as beans in your account).
  • Most of the (consistent) creators on Bolo Live app earns 10 k to 300K beans from during live stream.

How to host live stream on Bolo Live app?

  • To host live stream, click on middle video button in the Bolo live app’s home page.
  • Live stream page will open, add thumbnail and tag for your live stream. You can can add your own photo as a thumbnail and for add tag, add subject you want to discuss in the live stream e.g #singing, #cricket, #makefriends, etc.
  • You can also beauty filter using beuaty (+) button available on the left bottom of the page.
  • Now click on go live to start the live stream. Your live stream will start.

Daily streak – You can also earn 5-100 beans by visiting Bolo Live app daily.


How to Redeem beans from Bolo Live app ?

You can redeem beans earned from Bolo Live app in the form of real cash. Minimum withdrawal limit on Bolo Live app to redeem beans is 5000 beans and which is equivalent to INR 2000.

Redemption of beans start from 5000 coins and can withdraw up to 150000 beans at single instance. i.e withdrawal amount start from Rs. 2,000 and goes up to Rs. 60,000.

To withdraw your beans, click on wallet option at the upper right corner of the Bolo Live app, wallet page will open and click on Beans. In Beans page, click on redeem beans and convert your beans in to cash

Note : Earning methods and withdraw options on Bolo Live app may change. So, please read all terms and conditions of Bolo Live app before using Bolo Live app.

Also check other options to earn money by creating or watching videos.

Happy Earning!

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .


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