How to earn money from Winzo app?

Winzo is an Indian gaming mobile app that helps users earn money online by playing games. You can participate in various multiplayer paid games and earn money in Winzo app. The winnings earned by playing games will be directly added to your Winzo account and you can withdraw your money using Paytm, card transfer, UPI bank transfer and other payment methods. The minimum withdrawal limit on Winzo app is also very low, you can withdraw even Rs.1.

Disclaimer : Freelancing Ideas does not advise anyone to invest their hard earned money in any game or any platform. So we suggest to play the game only with your bonus money or money earned from Winzo app after playing the game. Do not invest your hard earned money in any gaming platform.

In this post, we will go through detailed information on how to earn money from Winzo app without just adding a penny to your Winzo account.

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  3. How to withdraw your money from Winzo app?

How to create account on Winzo app?

Winzo app is currently not available on Google Play store. So you need to download Winzo app from their website.

Click on Download Winzo app and the Winzo website will open. Click on download button and download the Winzo app and install it in your mobile.

Now open the Winzo app, it will ask you to sign up. Sign in using your mobile number and if asked for a referral code, use this Winzo app referral code –

Now your account is created on Winzo app and you can start playing games and earn money.

How to earn money from Winzo app?

You can earn money from Winzo app using below mentioned ways:

Playing games :

When you create an account on Winzo app it will give 20 rupees as bonus which you can use to join the game.

Also if you download Winzo app from this link, you will get extra 50 rupees as bonus which you can use to participate in the game.

Points to remember before playing games on Winzo app:

  • All games on Winzo app are paid except free games i.e. you need to add entry amount for participating in the game and game joining fee starts from rupee 2.
  • Also, as the joining fee increases, so does the winning amount. So, in the initial days, you can join a game with a joining amount of Rs 2 and later you can join a game with a higher joining fee.
  • To become perfect at Winzo games, try to focus on just one game that you feel you are perfect at playing.
  • At first, just play free games until you are perfect in that game.
  • Also, try to avoid rush hours, as there will be more pro members at those times and your chances of winning will decrease. Try to play the game in the afternoon or on weekdays.

Now we will see how to play games in the Winzo app.

When you open the Winzo app, you will see various games on the home page such as Winzo Rummy, Winzo Ludo, Winzo Poker, Candy Match ,etc.

Select any game you want to play and click on it.

Game page will open. It will ask you to choose or add entry amount. Initially we suggest choose free play. Once you get perfect in the games, you can choose entry amount and earn money. With free play, you won’t earn any money but you will get good practice of the game.

Once you have selected the entry amount, click on play now. It will now show the game tutorial, you can skip it or you can check it and finish it.

On the last page of the tutorial, click on the Next button. Now, you will enter the waiting lobby and the Winzo app will give some time to the users to join the game. Once all required members join the game, the game will start and you can start playing it.

After the game is over, it will show a leaderboard on your screen. If you win the game, your money will be added directly to your Winzo account.

Invite and earn :

Apart from playing games, you can also earn money by inviting your friends to the Winzo app.

To invite your friends, click on refer button from the bottom menu of the Winzo app. Refer and earn page will open. Click on Get 100 Now. It will create an invite link, share that invite link with your friends and ask them to download the app using that link.

How to withdraw your money from Winzo app?

You can easily withdraw your money from Winzo app using different payment methods.

To withdraw your money from the Winzo app, click on the Wallet button at the bottom of the Winzo app home page.

The wallet page will open. It will show details of your winnings, transactions, cash bonuses etc.

In the wallet, on the right side you will see various options like Add Cash, withdraw and Earn bonus, etc.. Click on Withdraw button, it will show different payment method such as Paytm, Phonepe / GPay/ UPI, Bank transfer, Amazon pay etc. Choose any payment method out of them,

Now, it will ask you to add details about payment method like UPI ID, bank account details. Add those details and click submit.

You will get message like payment method is added successfully. Now you can withdraw your money from Winzo app.

In the Enter Amount box on the same page, add the amount you want to withdraw, Payment method will be pre-selected. If not, select it and click withdraw Now.

Your money will be deducted from Winzo account and added to your bank account or Paytm or Amazon Pay wallet.

Happy Earning!

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

Source : Winzo app and website.

Disclaimer : The mobile app/ website/ platform mentioned in this post may change the earning and withdrawal options on their app/ website. We won’t be able to update those changes every time in this post.


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