How to Earn Money from Taurus app.

Taurus is another mobile app which help users to earn money online by completing small tasks such as downloading mobile apps, registering on websites and mobile apps, inviting your friends to download mobile apps, joining affiliates program, etc. . You can also earn money from affiliates.

You can easily withdraw your money directly in to your bank account using UPI payment method. Initially you can withdraw Rs 10 and then the minimum withdrawal limit will depend on the invited friends or completed offers.

In this post, we will see in detail about how to earn money from Taurus app. First we we will see for whom Taurus app is the best app to earn money online.

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  1. For whom Taurus app is the best app to earn money online?
  2. How to create account on Taurus app?
  3. How to earn money from Taurus app?
    1. Completing tasks :
    2. Invite and earn :
  4. How to withdraw money from Taurus app?

For whom Taurus app is the best app to earn money online?

Taurus is the best app to earn some extra income for part-time workers, students, housewives, freelancers and those who want to earn some money to pay their bills.

How to create account on Taurus app?

You can easily download Taurus app from their website or from Google play store.

Click on Taurus app download, Taurus app website will open. Download app from this website and install it on your mobile.

After installing the Taurus app, open it.

Home page will open. Click on top left Sign in/ up button.

Sign in using your mobile number. Taurus app will send you otp to verify your mobile number. Confirm it.

Now your account will be created on Taurus app and you can start earning money by completing small tasks.

Now we will see in detail how to earn money from Taurus app.

How to earn money from Taurus app?

You can earn money from Taurus app using below mentioned ways :

Completing tasks :

When you open the Taurus app, on the home page itself you will see various tasks to complete.

Here you will need to complete the first task then only other tasks will get activated. Also on the right side of each task you will see maximum amount you can earn by completing that task.

Now click on first task, you will see all the details about the task. Within the task itself, there will be several subtasks that you need to complete. But you need to complete subtasks in ascending order That is, when you complete the first subtask, the second subtask will be activated. Also if you complete only the first subtask of the first task, other subtasks and tasks will be activated. That means you need to complete the first subtask of the first task.

Also, when you complete any subtask or task, the money mentioned for that task or subtask will be directly added to your Taurus account and you can withdraw that money once it reaches the minimum withdrawal limit.

Invite and earn :

You can also earn money by inviting your friends to Taurus app.

To invite your friends, scroll down the home page till you see Taurus, click on Taurus option. Invite page will open. Now click on invite friends to sign up to Taurus, it will generate or show a invite link. Share invite link with your friends and ask them to download the app using that link.

If your friends download and install Taurus app using your shared link, you will get Rs.10 in your account for each referral.

Now we will see how to withdraw earned money from Taurus app.

How to withdraw money from Taurus app?

To withdraw your money from Taurus app, click withdraw button from the top menu.

Withdraw page will open. Now you first need to add withdrawal method. Click on withdrawal method button .

On the next page, you need to verify your mobile number again, then it will show 2 withdrawal methods 1. UPI and Bank Card.

Select UPI or Bank Card and add the mentioned details like mobile number and UPI ID and confirm them after adding the details.

Once you confirm those details, the withdrawal method will be added and you can withdraw your money.

Now go back to the withdraw page, it will show some current withdrawal amount in the top middle box. Click the withdraw button at the bottom.

Your money will deducted from Taurus account and will be transferred to your bank account.

Note : you can able to withdraw only current amount mentioned in the box. Current amount depends on invited members and affiliates. As invited members increases , current amount also increases.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

Happy Earning!

Disclaimer : The mobile app/ website/ platform mentioned in this post may change the earning and withdrawal options on their app/ website. We won’t be able to update those changes every time in this post.


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