How to Earn Money from LifePoints Panel app.

LifePoints is another genuine high paying survey platform available in the form of website and mobile app help users to earn money online by answering surveys. LifePoints Panel app pays users in the form of reward points or LifePoints (LPs) for completed surveys and you can redeem your reward points using e-gift cards like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra or you can withdraw your Reward Points or LifePoints directly to your bank account using the PayPal payment method. Note : Each payment method has different minimum withdrawal limits, based on which you can withdraw your money.

In this post, we will see in detail information about how to earn money from LifePoints panel. First we will see for whom LifePoints is best platform to earn money online.

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  1. For whom LifePoints panel is best platform to earn money online?
  2. How to create account on LifePoints Panel ?
  3. How to earn money from LifePoints ?
    1. Registration and initial questionnaire :
    2. More about you :
    3. Surveys on the home page :
  4. How to withdraw your money from LifePoints app/ website?

For whom LifePoints panel is best platform to earn money online?

You cannot able to earn large amount of money by answering surveys on LifePoints but you can easily earn gift cards of 500 – 5000 rupees monthly . This platform is best for part time workers, freelancers, students, housewives and those who want to earn some money in their free time.

How to create account on LifePoints Panel ?

You can easily create an account on the LifePoints Panel website or you can easily download and install the LifePoints Panel app from Google play store on your mobile and create account on it.

We will see how to download and install LifePoints app on mobile as most of the users use mobile.

LifePoints Panel Mobile app

Search “LifePoints Panel” in the Google play store search bar, Google Play store page will open with LifePoints Panel app window.

Install the LifePoints Panel app app from that page.

After installing the LifePoints Panel app, open it, the sign up page will open. Add and confirm your name and email address and click Next.

In the subsequent page, create a password for your account and click Next.

In the latter page, add your profile details like gender, add date of birth and click next.

In the following page, add your current address and click next.

In the succeeding page, read all the terms and conditions, click on checkmark button before the terms and conditions and click on sign up button.

Your account will now be created in the LifePoints Panel app or website but you must verify it before you can use your account.

The LifePoints panel will send you an email to confirm your account. Go to your email and check the inbox. You will see an email from LifePoints with an activation link. Check email and click Verify your email. Once you have successfully verified your account, you can start using the LifePoints Panel app or website to earn money.

How to earn money from LifePoints ?

You can earn money from LifePoints app using below mentioned ways .

Registration and initial questionnaire :

When you sign in to LifePoints Panel website or app, you will receive 10 life points for completing registration. After that, you need to answer the initial questionnaire where you will get additional 10 life points answering the initial questionnaire.

More about you :

Now if you go to the LifePoints Panel website or app’s home page. You will see “More about you” option, click on it. LifePoints will ask more questions about you, you can earn good LifePoints for answering those questions.

Once you’ve answered all the “More About You” questions, LifePoints will show you net quota those questions after a few days or weeks.

Surveys on the home page :

Now that you’ve answered the “More About you” questions, and based on your answers, LifePoints will show you surveys on the home page.

LifePoints also send email notification when any new survey is available. You need not have to check every time if survey is available or not.

When survey is available, check the LifePoints app. On the home page itself it will show the survey and the money your will earn after completing the survey.

Now click on the survey and complete the survey. If you successfully complete the survey, you will get mentioned survey amount in your LifePoints account in the form of LifePoints.

Also, disqualification chances are very less on the LifePoints panel app. So, if you answer the survey questions carefully, you will definitely complete the survey and will earn mentioned amount. You can also check this post for answering surveys carefully.

Now we will see how to withdraw your money from LifePoints app.

How to withdraw your money from LifePoints app/ website?

You can easily withdraw your points from LifePoints app once it reach minimum withdrawal limit using different payment methods. Minimum withdrawal limit depends on payment methods.

To withdraw LifePoints from the app, click on redeem button at the right top of the home page. Redeem page will open. It will show various payment options.

Choose the payment option and add the required details like wallet id, email id or mobile number associated with the payment option.

After adding all the details, click on submit button, your points will be deducted from LifePoints app and money will be transferred in your wallet or you will get a gift card of that amount.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

Happy Earning !

Disclaimer : The mobile app/ website/ platform mentioned in this post may change the earning and withdrawal options on their app/ website. We won’t be able to update those changes every time in this post.


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