How to Earn Money from BankSathi app?

BankSathi is an Indian social commerce platform where you can make your second source of income. It helps you to convert your uncashed network and skills into your earnings and much more. You can work for reputed brands from anywhere and anytime on BankSathi without any limits.

All you need to do is join BankSathi as a advisor and add a lead (customer) to the app with the help of your network. Although earning is totally depends on you and how hard you work. BankSathi offers attractive incentives on every financial product sold and comes with earning potential that is unlimited.

You can withdraw your earned money using Bank transfer or using Paytm.

In this post , we will see in detail information about earning money from BankSathi app. You can also Skip to:

  1. For whom BankSathi suitable to earn money online ?
  2. How to Create Account on BankSathi app ?
  3. How to Earn money on BankSathi app?
  4. How to withdraw your money from BankSathi app?

For whom BankSathi suitable to earn money online ?

BankSathi is a good platform for students, part time workers, housewives, freelancers and those looking for a second source of income.

How to Create Account on BankSathi app ?

You can easily download BankSathi app from Google play store. Click on BankSathi app download or search BankSathi in the Google play store search bar.

Google play store page with BankSathi app window will open. Download and install BankSathi app from that page.

Now open the BankSathi app and choose Language out of available languages i.e. English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Bangla .

After choosing sign in using mobile number and verify it.

Then BankSathi app will ask about BankSathi referral code, add this BankSathi referral code – 41501907 .

Later it will ask you to add Aadhaar number and PAN number and verify them. You can also skip this and latter add it.

It also about your bank account details. You can also add bank details latter. Also, correctly add your payment method details (i.e. bank account information) so that you do not face any problem during the payment.

After adding and verifying all the above details, click on Submit button. Your account will be created on BankSathi app and you can start earning money.

Now we will see how to earn money from BankSathi app.

How to Earn money on BankSathi app?

In the BankSathi app, you can only earn money by creating lead or customer for financial products i.e Bank accounts, credits cards, etc.

After sign in to The BankSathi app, open the BankSathi app. BankSathi app home page will open,

in the home page, click on “ADD LEAD & EARN” or scroll down the home page and check sell and earn option.

Then it will show different financial products for which you need to create a lead.

Latter choose any financial product e.g. Yes Bank credit card and click on it.

Then it will show the product details like, description of the product, benefits, FAQs, etc. Please read all the details correctly , also watch training videos if available. For each financial product, steps will be different.

In the product details page, click on the Share button available at the bottom of the page. It will create a shareable link with image including your name as verified advisor for promotion.

Now click on share button and share that trackable link with your friends.

Once any of your friend visit that link, application form related to that financial product will open. Your friend or customer initially need to add details like name, email id, mobile number, PIN code, etc. and then actual products application form will open.

In actual online application, your customer need to add address details, need to verify mobile number, email , Aadhar number, PAN number and other details including KYC. Please help your friend to complete the application.

If your friend or customer successfully complete the offer, you will receive your payout and it will show in the total earnings

How to withdraw your money from BankSathi app?

You can easily withdraw your money from total earnings. Click on total earnings from the home page.

It will show your payout details, click on withdraw now from the payment section.

In the next step, select any payment mode i.e. bank transfer or Paytm transfer and click on Confirm and withdraw.

Your money will be transferred to your bank account or Paytm account.

If you have any questions, please ask in comments. We will reply as early as possible. You can also visit freelancing ideas to get updates about genuine methods to earn money online .

Happy Earning!

Disclaimer : The mobile app/ website/ platform mentioned in this post may change the earning and withdrawal options on their app/ website. We won’t be able to update those changes every time in this post.


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