4 Steps To Make Your First Art Sale Online

When I was eight years old, I had high hopes of one day having a career as a prospering artist. I would invest hours drawing, coloring, and painting intending to improve my abilities. Like a lot of artists, my dreams were eventually shattered by the viewpoints of others who were “kind enough” to let me understand that artists do not make any money.

“Why do not you just go to nursing school and simply worry about art in your leisure time?”

If you want to make that very first art sale, I’ve compiled a list of crucial things you must do. Do not quit or think offering art is for a choose few. Put that imaginative brain to work, and in no time you’ll have the sought after ability to bring in income from your craft.

Sadly, I succumbed to the worry of being broke my entire life and participated in nursing school. To make a long story short, I ended up hating nursing and switched to the company during my last years of school. What was fascinating about my glossy brand-new organization degree is that I had a good deal of trouble finding a job with it.

“Art school is a waste of cash. You aren’t guaranteed a task and you’ll remain in crazy financial obligation.”

Through trial and mistake, I chose to buckle down and discover a method to offer my paintings and sketches. To my surprise, people in fact wished to provide me money for my works of art. I have not made nearly enough to make it a full-time task, however, my art skill generates extra money throughout the year for me.

Step 1: Put Your Work Out There

Eventually, people will be interested in your work and can’t wait for you to post your newest sketch or painting.

I know this appears apparent, however so many creatives are perfectionists, and can’t appear to part methods with their work until it’s 100% perfect. Among the most useful things I’ve discovered is to put myself out there even if I do not feel certified.

You can’t simply publish 1 or 2 pictures and expect to call that a portfolio. Gather your best sketches, works in development, and artwork, and submit them to Instagram, Facebook, or an artist site. People like to see bodies of work.

Step 2: Social Media

Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut and took the money. If you continue to publish your art, eventually there will be a client who resonates with that piece and ultimately will exchange their cash for it.

It’s very not likely, in this day and age, that you don’t have some form of a social media account. I made my very first sales by publishing a photo to Facebook of a watercolor painting. I had absolutely no intention of offering it. Actually, I was still in the phase of putting myself out there. Because I had published a lot of art and received little likes or feedback, I was likewise pretty dissuaded at this point. One day, I posted a watercolor painting, and someone inboxed me. “Tina, just how much are you selling that painting for? I HAVE to have it.”

Step 3: Broaden Your Horizons

Whatever course you pick, the point is not to let a lack of sales discourage you from producing fantastic art. Discover alternative routes to get your artwork in front of individuals or expand your skillset. It’s not constantly easy, however, it’s totally worth it to be able to earn money from doing something you love.

You can go to the graphic design path and make artwork for groups or companies. Teaching not just gives you reliability in your field but increases your income because not only do you make cash from your classes or books, but this provides your own art exposure and will increase sales in that.

When I wasn’t making the sales I hoped for with my paintings, I decided to find out a brand-new skill that included my love of visual art: Web Design. I never had great technical skills growing up, so I tended to shy away from all things related to the computer. Subsequently, the cash streamed in after that.

Step 4: Be Consistent

Do not fret about being aggressive or over the top. Simply do friendly reminders from time to time and this puts what you need to state in the back of individuals’ minds.

I like to think of this as a suggestion for people. Lots of having informed me, “Oh, I’m so delighted you posted that again, I would have forgotten if I didn’t see that on the newsfeed once again.”

Do not publish a picture of your art, disappear for two months, and anticipate customers to start pounding down your door. , if you desire to make sales you have to be consistent. There’s only a minimal amount of time you have on a newsfeed prior to your material is lost in the shuffle and changed by newer stuff. So even if it feels repeated in your mind, post the same thing several times throughout a few days.


I hope this assists you in your course to make your first art sale. Let me know what methods you like to utilize for making art sales!

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