Webnovel Review : Legit or Scam | Earn Money | Contract| Pros and Cons.

Webnovel is an Indian self publishing novel writing or reading platform, available as a mobile app which helpĀ  writers to earn money for their work. You can only earn money by getting a contract with Webnovel for paid writing. If you are a best story writer with rich experience (between 100 top writers), then you…More

How to Become a Freelance Mechanical Design Engineer.

The chances of getting a job after leaving the tier 3 or lower collage as a mechanical engineer are now low. As most of the recent graduates has less skills or no work experience which cannot fulfill company demands. Therefore, the company always looks for experienced candidates. But if you start freelancing during early years…More

How to Earn Money from Co-Deo.

Co-Deo is an another survey platform pay users for answering surveys. You need to log in to website or mobile app, answer surveys and earn money. Along with answering surveys, you can also earn money by participating in polls, forums and live discussions. This website is good to earn money online for part time workers,…More

How to Earn Money by Writing Stories on Wattpad ?

If you are a story writer and you want to earn money for your stories, Wattpad is good platform for you. Wattpad is a self publishing story writing or reading platform allow users to write / read stories. Wattpad is available as a mobile app, writers can join paid stories program and earn money for…More

GoTranscript Detail Info : Legit | GoTranscript Test/ Quiz | Payment.

GoTranscript is an platform for audio/video transcription and translation at cheap rates. It is a web-based transcription and translation company. So they are always looking for freelancers for various open freelance transcription jobs. You have to work as much as you want, and whenever you want. This is a freelance job. You must pass a…More

How to become a Shadowfax delivery partner?

Shadowfox is an Indian crowdsource delivery platform available as a mobile app that allows delivery partners to make money and deliver with top brands and companies in the food, grocery, ecommerce and pharma industries. It is available in 500 + cities in India. You need to log in to the Shadow fax app and join…More