How to Earn Money from Rooter app | Rooter’s creators program.

Rooter is an Indian live streaming gaming mobile app that pays users for live streaming games and watching live streams or videos and for creating reels. Rooter is also India’s one of the leading game streaming and esports platform with focus on the massive mobile gaming market of more than 350 mn gamers. You will…More

How to Earn Money from Moj app .

The easiest way to earn money in today’s time is to make short videos on the short video mobile apps and creating live stream on live streaming apps. There are multiple Short video and live streaming apps are available on the Google Play Store or iOS Store. Moj app is one of the best Indian…More

Bolo Live app Review : Earn Money by Live Streaming | Referral.

Bolo Live is an Indian Live Streaming mobile app which help users to earn money by live streaming along with free video chat, group video call and games. You can show your talents whether it is a video music performance or vlog content in a new way! You can also watch free aarti, chalisa, mantra,…More

Publish your own video magazine using the free MaGg app.

MaGg app is an self-publishing video magazine app which allows users to create, edit, share, publish and download video magazines. Freelancers, video creators, social media managers, content creators, influencers, photographers, marketing professionals can use this app to promote their products. All you need to do is select a video or photo from your mobile gallery,…More

How to earn money from Knackit app?

Knackit is a Indian Short video networking platform allow users to post there short videos. You can earn money from Knackit app for your videos by getting reward from Knackit users. You can also earn money by creating gigs and completing jobs on Knackit app. This is a good platform for social media influencers, content…More

ShareChat app Review : How to Earn Money from ShareChat ?

ShareChat is an Indian social media platform allow users to share videos, photos, posts, songs in 15 languages. It is available in both website and mobile app. You can earn money from ShareChat app by referring your friends to download and install ShareChat app. There are many other indirect ways to earn money using ShareChat app. We…More

How to Earn Money on Chingari ?

Chingari is an Indian short video app where content creators upload their own content in the form of short videos. Users can earn money by watching videos and by completing small activities like participating in trending challenges, Share, follow, comment, etc. This app is good for them who likes to watch short videos in their…More

How to Earn Money by creating videos on Rizzle ?

Rizzle is an short video platform where you can create your own content in any language in the form of short videos, short series and can earn real money. Rizzle does not pay directly to its creators but it works as a intermediator between user and creator, user can sponsor you (creator) for your content…More