Linkable Review : Earn Money By Creating Backlinks For Linkable.

Linkable is an freelancing platform connects writers with the clients/ employers for link building and content marketing work. Linkable help clients for building natural and diverse backlinks to their website while for building a backlink most Authors on Linkable earn 150 USD to 1000 USD. Linkable platform offers premium link building jobs posted by reputable…More

Vocal Media Review : Earn money by writing stories.

What is Vocal Media ? Vocal Media is an self publishing storytelling platform which allows users to publish their stories on their community. Users can create and submit stories with photos, videos and audios on Vocal Media platform. Vocal creator owns the copyright of the stories published on Vocal media platform. Vocal media rewards creators…More

Dailyhunt app Detailed Review : Earn Money By Writing Articles | DH creator | Payment.

Dailyhunt (formerly Newshunt) is an Indian News, photos and videos platform available in  14 Indian languages .i.e in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, English, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Odia, Punjabi, Urdu & Bhojpuri. It provides Indian national and international news including Indian States / National Politics, Local, Cricket, Entertainment and Lifestyle News from 2600 media partners. Individuals can…More

Medium App Review : Earn money by writing Stories/ Articles

Medium is an open digital platform that supports nuance, complexity and critical storytelling without giving in advertising incentives. It is an environment with 170 million readers open to everyone but promotes substance, authenticity, practical and dynamic thinking. Anyone from all over the world can write on medium app. Thought-leaders, journalists, experts and individuals with unique…More

How to Earn Money by Writing Posts on CEO Hangout ?

CEO Hangout, a networking organization connects CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs with each other and helps in creating a support group, building lifelong friendship and forming business connections. CEO Hangout organizes various events, creates networking opportunities, and provides resources to the CEOs and business owners. CEO Hangout post stories related to business, finance, career, lifestyle, productivity, management,…More

How to Earn Money by Writing on ? is a blog that helps new coaches to acquire clients and earn some money along with enhancing their coaching skills. It is a great platform for creative and passionate coaches (bloggers, youtubers, freelancers, etc.) to post their content in the form of articles, videos and infographics in exchange for some money, links back to…More

PaidforArticles Review : Real or Fake | Earn Money | Payment.

PaidforArticles is one of the Indian platforms for writers to earn money online. You can post any of your articles on PaidforArticles and earn money. Any relevant experience or qualification is not required for writing an article on PaidforArticles. You will be paid for your article per 1000 views between USD 3 to USD 6…More

How to Earn Money by Writing on Pratilipi app?

Pratilipi is an Indian self publishing digital platform that allow users to publish and read original content such as stories, poems, essays, articles, novels etc. in the form of mobile app. It connects readers and writers from 12 different languages (mostly Indian). All content on this portal is free to read. It has a large…More